AfroMix danceclasses are for different ages and levels. It can be for kids, students and adults. For beginners, intermediate or one level. In each class we start with a warming-up and a good stretch to prepair ourself for the intens AfroMix movements. We also train the muscles by doing exercises to make the body stronger. It’s a full body workout!

After the warming up we will work on a powerful choreo.
The music where we dance on is African percussion or a mix of different musicstyles that makes people want to dance right away! The classes bring people together and make them feel joyful and free 🙂

There are open classes which are for everybody who wants to dance when it suits them.
The classes take 1,5 hour.

It’s also possible to do a course of 10-15 weeks and there we work towards a performance. In these weeks we will work on different choreo’s and stage performance. We learn how to be expressive, to show your identity and to become one with the dance. It’s amazing to see the students grow and to let them show what they have learned in a performance. It’s the peak of the dancecourse where the students can shine! It gives such a boost and makes the students more selfconfident, also in their daily lifes. It makes it easier to show themselves who they really are. Everybody is beautiful and unique in their own way!

The courses are for beginners and intermediate
The classes are one level

Open classes:

  • Sunday Amsterdam Dance Center 16:00-17:30u
  • Monday Civic Amsterdam Oost 19:00-20:30u


  • Wednesday Cultuurcentrum Griffioen 18:15-21:15u
  • Thursday Lak Leiden 17:45-20:15u
  • Friday Crea: 17:45-21:30u